Garden Plot Guidelines

  • Only organic growing is permitted at Sonoma Garden Park. Please refrain from adding or using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides.
  • In order to help conserve water, irrigate your garden before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM. We also recommend that each plot have a timer to help keep water use to a minimum.
  • All community garden plots need to be maintained appropriately. Any use other than gardening must be discussed with Sonoma Ecology Center staff.
  • Please be sure that any food you harvest comes from your garden only. Harvesting food from other community garden plots or Sonoma Garden Park is not allowed.
  • Sonoma Garden Park is open from dawn to dusk. Please visit during operating hours only.
  • If the front gate is locked when you arrive, please be sure to close and lock it when you leave.
  • Please park in the lot at the front of Sonoma Garden Park. For public safety, please do not drive on the interior access road unless necessary. Gardeners are encouraged to use one of our garden carts or wheelbarrows to move garden supplies between the parking area and the community garden. If you must use the access road, please clear this with the Garden Manager/SEC staff first. Maintain a speed of 5 MPH or less while driving in the Park.
  • Return all tools, carts, and wheelbarrows to the storage shed or appropriate location.
  • Bird netting is prohibited due to risk to wildlife.
  • Treated lumber and leachable plastic materials are prohibited. Before constructing any boxes or pathways, please discuss the use of specific materials with the Garden Manager/SEC staff.
  • Be considerate of other community gardeners. Please keep your site clean and weed free, and remove and compost dead plants and debris during the winter.
  • Please contact Garden Manager/SEC staff prior to leaving any items for donation.
To inquire about renting a garden plot, call 707-996-0712 ext. 125