Water Wise and Succulent Plants Workshop

After touring Sonoma Garden Park’s demonstration gardens and a brief overview of native drought-tolerant plants, you will explore a variety of succulent plant types. Our environment calls us to use less water on home landscapes and indoors. The vast array of succulents can provide intrigue, blooms, and an array of color. Materials are provided to create your own succulent garden in a pot. Reclaimed wood and tools will also be available as an option to make small box succulent gardens. We will get our creative juices flowing with an aloe beverage, then learn the basics of garden design, drawing sketches of water-wise in-earth and container gardens.

Sonoma Garden Park was protected by Ag + Open Space in November of 2011 for recreation and preservation of its natural resources and learning classroom environment for agriculture field trips for nearby elementary schools through Sonoma Ecology Center’s “Growing Discovery” program. The 6-acre property, hidden in eastern Sonoma, is an incredible public park and working garden site in Sonoma Valley, containing a wide array of habitats alongside sustainably designed systems for both agriculture use and landscaping purposes.


Suggested donation $10

Bonnie Walner, SEC board member, owner of Sonoma Gardens Design and RE: design

Julia Megna SEC education project manager, owner of Hundred Acre Greenery