Sugar-Hood Guided Shuttle Hike

November 25, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
2605 Adobe Canyon Road
Kenwood CA
John Roney

Work off that turkey with a guided hike and shuttle ride to explore Hood Mt. Regional Park and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. The hike will cover about 7.5 miles and include over 2000 ft of climbing over occasionally rough terrain.
How it will Work:
Group 1 will park at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Goodspeed Trailhead lot. Then the Team Sugarloaf and Regional Park SHuttles will take the hikers over to Hood Mt. Pythian Parking Lot. From there, guided by Dave Chalk and other Team Sugarloaf volunteers, group 1 will hike up Hood Mt., to Gunsite Rock and then back down to Goodspeed Trail Parking lot. You should be back at your car about 2 PM.
Group 2 will be ready to go at 9:30 at the Pythian Parking lot and will board the shuttles after they unload group 1. They will then ride back to the Goodspeed lot, where they will be dropped off and enjoy a guided hike back to their cars via Gunsite Rock and Hood Mt. You should be back at your car about 2:30 pm.
There is no charge for the hike, but donations are encouraged!
Team Sugarloaf, Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma County Regional Parks, California State Parks, Bill and Dave Hikes, REI and California State Parks Foundation are supporting and sponsoring the event.
Goodspeed at Hood Boundary