Managing Water When Water is Scarce

June 13, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Rain catchment1A Free Workshop and Tour

As we make our way into the driest part of our 4th year of drought in California, it is more important than ever to be utilizing best practices and targeted approaches for conserving water in all we do. This exciting workshop will provide a comprehensive approach from two perspectives. Experts in water management will show you how to plant for conservation and ways to capture more water. Irrigation, low-impact design, and hands-on experience are on the program for this important water-conscious offering.

Irrigation and water conservation workshop:

SethExplore the many ways to conserve water using appropriate plant selection, soil preparation, and simple methods to keep moisture where you want it when plants most need it, especially during the establishment period of new plantings. Learn how to apply these principles and when to make changes to your water use as your landscape matures. There will be a hands-on opportunity to learn low water use irrigation design and installation techniques.

Seth Dolinsky has designed and installed water conserving landscapes throughout Sonoma, including the Sonoma Community Center rain garden. He has been farming, gardening, and landscaping for over 20 years. His designs mix edible landscapes with native and habitat gardens to promote water and resource capture and retention. Smart use and control of water is a key focus for his work and business, New Land Systems.

Low Impact Design (LID) tour and demonstration:

The brand new LID project at the Sonoma Garden Park is a demonstration of stormwater management that local residents and business owners can apply to their landscapes and hardscapes. Tour the park’s state of the art LID installations and discover how to direct, detain or temporarily hold stormwater runoff in a way that reduces erosion and flooding, keeps your garden green, and helps recharge groundwater. Participants will see several LID features hidden away in subtle features throughout the Sonoma Garden Park, as well as more prominent features such as water storage tanks and roof water catchments systems. Learn how these features function and how they are installed. Many of the features are simple and can be accomplished by a landowner with the willingness to learn and apply that knowledge!

Mark Newhouser, Sonoma Ecology Center Restoration Program Manager, has over 20 years experience in plant and habitat restoration, including plannMarking, design, and construction. He has designed and built numerous stormwater management features and supervised the installation of the LID features on this tour.

There is no charge for this workshop thanks to our generous partners and sponsors!

Donations ($5 suggested) will be accepted and used towards future and continued water management projects and education at Sonoma Garden Park.

It will be very full, however, so please SIGN UP online with Brown Paper Tickets to hold your spot!