Herbology in the Garden- Planting for health, home & happiness

May 15, 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Sonoma Garden Park
19996 7th street east

They say ‘let food be thy medicine’. Herbs have been used for health and healing in Sonoma Valley since the first Indigenous People walked the land. In this workshop, we will use wisdom from east and west to build self-care knowledge and skills with plants you can grow in our area. 

From planting and propagation to processing preparations and using herbs, if your goal is to use nature to become more healthy and self-sufficient, join this workshop!

Many of us are trying to avoid personal care and cleaning products that come in plastic bottles. Let’s go straight to the source and treat Mother Earth kindly in the process.

Participants may bring 2 empty jars for their herbal remedies.

Sonoma Garden Park was protected by Ag + Open Space in November of 2011 for recreation and preservation of its natural resources, and learning classroom environment for agriculture field trips for nearby elementary schools through Sonoma Ecology Center’s “Growing Discovery” program. The 6-acre property, hidden in eastern Sonoma, is an incredible public park and working garden site in Sonoma Valley, containing a wide array of habitats alongside sustainably designed systems for both agriculture use and landscaping purposes.