Container Gardening

April 27, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Sonoma Garden Park
19996 7th Street East Sonoma
CA 95476
Garland Lamb

Meg Easling, an organic gardener of Sonoma, will be giving a workshop on container gardening on Saturday, April 27.

Participants can just come to learn, or they may bring a container, organic potting soil, perlite, gloves, a hand trowel and seeds (some to share), or a few small plants such as lettuce or herbs from the nursery. We encourage using organic and heirloom plants, veggies and herbs.

There are many reasons to garden in containers and various ways to do so. Some gardeners have very poor or contaminated soil or no sunlight in their gardens. Some have no garden and may grow inside using grow lights. Some want to contain and control an invasive plant (like mint). Some gardeners just like to use pots for their succulents, herbs and vegetables, or they want a convenient kitchen garden for their cooking herbs or a hanging pot for edible flowers.

Whether you want to grow your herbs and veggies in a plastic storage tub or in a pretty pot, we will talk about the process and what plants grow well together. If you bring a plastic container, we’ll drill holes into it.

We will discuss soil, companion plants, care, watering and light. Examples:

Leeks love carrots and they protect each other from insects.
Parsley and asparagus invigorate each other.
Marigolds repel beetles and bugs.
Sweet alyssum attracts birds to eat the bugs, and it’s tasty!